Weddings vs Elopement Pictures

I see a lot of people online talking about elopements vs weddings and I thought I would give my two cents, as a professional photographers that’s been shooting weddings for over 12 years, on what I take pictures of at a wedding vs at an elopement!

Below is a list of percentages showing what I shoot at a typical wedding vs an all day elopement. Enjoy!

What I photograph at a wedding

  • 30% details

  • 5% getting ready

  • 10% ceremony

  • 10% Bride and Groom together

  • 5% wedding party/Family photos

  • 40% reception photos

What I photograph at an elopement

  • 95% Bride and Groom together!!

  • 5% details

The main thing that I want to point out here is that you get so many more amazing pictures of yourselves if you elope! Yes, it may not be what your parents want, but if we always listen to our parents, we may never be happy. This is the start of YOUR life with the love of your life!

The main difference I see in couples when they elope is the pure joy of being together in the most epic locations, exchanging vows that are only heard by each other and being present with each other. Do you know how many times I see that at a wedding? NEVER.

In fact, when we go through pictures after a wedding for the first time, I hear over and over “When did that happen?” “I totally don’t remember that!”. When you elope, you remember everything, because everything is intentional and there is not a single distraction to take you away from the moment.

Joe HendricksComment