How we help you plan your elopement.

  1. The photography is taken care of!

    Joe Hendricks is an award winning, nationally recognized photographer that lives here in the Telluride area!

    We will set up a consultation for you to meet him!

  2. We help you find the perfect location.

  3. We will get you to and from your elopement ceremony the day of.

  4. You tell us what details you want at your elopement and we make it happen!

  5. Need help with what to wear at your elopement? We’ve got your back.

  6. Your elopement comes with a FREE app, specifically for your elopement, that allows family and friends to see pictures as soon as they’re available!

  7. Focus on each other and we’ll take care of the rest.

What you need to do:

  1. Make sure we’re available for your date!

  2. Meet with Joe to make sure you get along.

  3. Book your flight and hotel/AirBNB as soon as possible!