Lose the stress of a wedding and elope,

and get the pictures you've always dreamed of!

Weddings can be stressful and expensive. You have to book the right venue, invite all your friends and family, feed everyone, find an amazing photographer, hire someone for make up and hair, choose a band, decorate the venue, buy the flowers, make sure Mom likes the decisions you're making, and hope everyone shows up on time and that your family doesn't cause any disturbances. Somewhere in all that chaos, you're supposed to be having the most romantic day of your life with your new spouse!


This is exactly why so many couples hire us and elope in the Mountains of Colorado!

Picture this instead: You're with the love of your life in the mountains, with the most amazing view on earth! It's just the two of you and nature. The day of, you didn't lift a finger, except to get dressed and ready for your photographer to pick you up and take you to the most beautiful location you can imagine! There your spouse stands in front of you, the only attendees are the mountains and trees around you. You exchange vows... you cry, you laugh, you kiss. Everything is perfect for this one moment in your lives. There's no rush to take pictures, so we take our time and capture the photos you've always dreamed you would get on your wedding day.


Your wedding becomes the one your friends can't stop talking about, because eloping is what everyone thinks of, but doesn't have the guts to do! You will always remember that blissful mountaintop moment when you said "I do"  to your soulmate, the person you waited so long to find. Now no one can take that romantic moment away from you... ever. 

 At the end of the day, we treat you to a private dinner, where it is just you and your spouse! 

Your Photographer and Coordinator


I (Joe) am the Photographer and my wife (Rhonda) is our Client Coordinator. She'll communicate with you from the very beginning. She loves talking to you about your elopement planning and setting up every detail with you. If you ever have a question about anything, she answers it. 

This is what separates us from all other photographers!

While other photographers are juggling emails, travel logistics, and setting everything up, I am only concentrating on getting you the best pictures in this moment. There's nothing distracting me, and it allows me to focus 100% on your elopement. 


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