What is an adventure Elopement?

Adventure Elopement Definition: “Two people, who love the outdoors, wanting to start their marriage off with an intimate and meaningful focus on adventure, breathtaking views and no rules.”


Is an adventure elopement for you?

If you love the outdoors and dread the stress of planning a wedding, then an adventure elopement is the perfect way for you to get married! Where you decide to tie the knot is completely up to you and the options are endless! You can hike to the top of a mountain at sunrise, cross country ski to a snow-covered meadow, 4 wheel drive through the San Juan mountains, or feel the mist of a waterfall falling on you as you exchange vows! There are no rules; it’s whatever you want and desire. You don’t have to be an extreme climber to have an adventure elopement. You just need a passion for being outdoors and wanting to make it a part of your life!

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Our packages starts at $4500 in the Telluride area. joe@elopetelluride.com


Why am I the photographer for you?


I shot weddings for 12 years in Nashville and become one of the most established photographers there, but something was missing in my life. That’s when my wife and I decided to sell everything we owned and bought an Airstream! The day we sold our house, we hit the road full-time in it and never looked back! I dove head first into landscape photography and fell in love with it. My wife came alive in a way I hadn’t seen since we got married and our 4-year-old son loved earning his Junior Ranger badges! We finally had adventure in our life. When we passed through the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, we knew instantly, it’s where we wanted to live for the rest of our lives. The landscapes are amazing here, but I still had a desire for wedding photography, just without all of the chaos of the wedding day. That’s when I learned about adventure elopements! From the moment I heard about them, I was hooked and started taking my experience in wedding photography and combining it with my landscape photography to create Elope Telluride!

I love my job! I love combining my two passions into one to create this brand new category of eloping in the mountains! I get to share with you some of the most beautiful places on earth that happen to be in my backyard. We can hike, off-road, snowmobile, ski… whatever you want to get to the most breathtaking views! And with my experience in photography, it’s all going to be documented better than you could ever imagine!